Dentists’ Opinion about Clip on Veneers

You might have experienced it personally too, you go to a place to buy a product or get any service and if they are not offering what you require they will try to convince you that what you require is not a good option and you should go for something that they are offering.

Clip on Veneers are all the hype right now, celebrities are using it, influencers are using it and it has been making its way down to regular people at quite a fast pace, but what do dentists say about it are they for clip on veneers or against them. Well, if you go online to try to learn about clip on veneers you will notice a silent war going on for and against clip on veneers and from the looks of it dentists are not so excited about them.

Dentists rely on dental visits, they cannot treat you if you do not visit there clinic. People on the other hand, like everything to be done from the comfort of their home. Now this dilemma has given birth to a whole new industry which is offering people a sort quick fix to their dental issues in the form of clip on veneers right at their doorstep. 

Most of the people are just worried about the appearance of their teeth and clip on veneers offer just that. You will be sent a kit to take the impression of your teeth which can be done in a matter of 5 minutes (They do send you a very easy to follow instructions guide to take your impressions too), you mail them back the impressions of your teeth and they usually provide you a return label to do that and within 2-3 weeks you get your clip on veneers, you put them on your teeth and you get a perfect shining smile. This is as easy as it can get.

Now obviously dentists are not so thrilled about it, the whole process has effectively eliminated the need for regular visits to a dentist which is a very convenient and budget friendly option for people. But, instead of landing punches on each other if both parties work with each other it can prove to be very beneficial for everyone which should be the ultimate goal. Dentist should advice clip on veneers to their patients where a long painful and complicated procedure can be avoided and companies selling clip on veneers should not try to demean the hard work that dentists do on daily basis and maybe we can reach to a consensus with a beneficial result for everyone.

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