How Can Veneers Boost Our Confidence?

Almost everyone is self-conscious about their appearance and when you are out and about interacting with people it is your teeth that are highlighted the most and once it is noticed by people it can be awkward for you and them both. Now there are several ways in cosmetic dentistry that you can improve the appearance of your teeth but they are either very expensive long procedures or very painful and in some cases both. That’s where Veneers come in, but before we go into how they help you boost your confidence we have to understand what they are?.

What are Veneers?

A Veneer is a thin Porcelain or Composite layer which is placed over your teeth to improve the overall aesthetics of your teeth and in some case also prevent your teeth surface from getting damaged.

There are few different types of Veneers namely Porcelain and Composite, but both are very expensive and require a long painful process to be successfully applied to your existing teeth. To counter both these issues a new type of Veneer has been recently introduced usually referred to as Clip on veneers. What that basically does is that it easily slides/clips on to your existing teeth, totally eliminating the need for a painful and long bonding process of a regular veneer.

Who can Use Veneers?

Anyone who is looking to enhance or improve the appearance of their teeth can use veneers. For example if you have Discolored teeth, Missing teeth, Crooked teeth, Broken/chipped teeth or you have a gap in your teeth you can use clip on veneers to hide away anything that makes your teeth look bad.

Who Cannot Use Veneers?

There are certain circumstances when we would not recommend going for a veneer such as, if you have more than 4 teeth missing in a row, if you have loose teeth, if you don’t have back molars, if you are already using dental bridges or teeth caps or if you have Malocclusions.

How can Veneers boost our Confidence?

It is said that smiling is good for your health, but what if every time you smile you have to worry about how your teeth look. If you are not confident about how you look you can never truly fully enjoy the best moments in your life and if you have an affordable solution like clip on veneers at your disposal you should not be held back from a simple thing like a smile. Clip on Veneers helps you get cleaner and proportional appearance for your teeth on a budget for regular use or for your special occasions which will surely result in a confidence boost.

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All you need to do is decide whether you want a beautiful smile or not, if you want, clip on veneers the the perfect solution.

Hi Jessica

You can get guidance from our experts to decide on a more natural looking color that will suit you. They are pretty discreet and besided you, no one will know that you are wearing them.

Best Regards,
Team AlphaVeneers

Hi Scarlett

That is 100% true. Since they are in your mouth and have to deal with the millions of Bacteria in your mouth, it is a very good habit of cleaning them gently and thoroughly.

Best Regards,
Team AlphaVeneers

Dear Lewis

Yes, dental office anxiety and the costs of the treatment can scare off people to go for veneers! Clip-on veneers are like a blessing in disguise!

Best Regards,
Team AlphaVeneers

You can get clip on veneers at an affordable price and in a very short time as compared to long and painful dental procedures.

They bond to the front of your teeth and can easily correct cosmetic problems such as discoloration, crooked, and missing teeth.

My discolored and chipped teeth always made me feel self-conscious, but now with clip on veneers i cant stop smiling.

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