Return Policy

Return Policy

If you have made your mind to return the veneers you should keep in mind to return it within 7 days of the date in which you have placed the order due to the custom nature and ongoing pandemic situation once the kit has been sent to you we won’t be able to get it back from you. If kit is not open it can be returned for a full refund. But if you have used the impressions kit we will deduct £75.

If you have been considered unsuitable due to peculiar nature of your smile assessment, you will only allowed to get 75% of the value if you have not given your impressions correctly you will only get 50% of refund. If you will be considered ineligible to get the refund if your oral health changes between online purchasing and taking impressions. If experience any defect or fault in what you have bought you should support your statement with a photo or video evidence. 

If fault or defect is persistent upto two times, no refund will be made, but the condition is that fault has to be from manufacturer’s side not by the customer, if the problem is still there after two remakes third times we will issue you refund of £125. If you are not happy with the product or experiencing any issue with the product you have not returned in (30 days warranty period) you will not be allowed any refund.

Cracks Guarantee
We offer cracks guarantee to our customers who have minimal damage on veneers like Hairline cracks or minimal scratches etc

The company is not liable to offer any guarantee/warranty on heavy damages on veneers like holes in veneers , broken veneers or major cracks

For heavy damages, We can still offer replacement to our customers at a reliable cost to avail that you need to contact our support team.