Why is your smile a shade that is not pearly white?

The cause of tooth stains is not always the result of colored foods and beverages. Some suffer from stains caused by medication, fluoride, tobacco, aging, or trauma to the tooth. Depending on the severity of the stain and its type these people may not benefit greatly from teeth whitening. They will of course benefit to some degree however prior to using tooth whitening it’s important you have realistic expectations and consider consulting with your dentist prior to use.

Single dark tooth:

If you have one tooth that is darker than the rest it is either the result of trauma to the tooth or the effect of a medication. If the cause of the single dark tooth is from trauma it means either: 1) iron from your blood saturated the dentin of the tooth which resulted in deep internal staining or 2) the trauma caused an uneven surface of the tooth enabling the single tooth to collect stains at a faster rate than the other teeth. This discolored tooth can be crowned or an almost matching veneer could be used. However, that is an expensive option to consider and is not for everyone. The affordable way to fix your smile in this case is clip on veneers.

White spots on the teeth:

When you look closely in the mirror do you notice white spots scattered on your teeth or perhaps only 1 white spot? White spots on your teeth are usually the earliest sign of carious lesion (cavity formation). Don’t worry, this does not mean you need to rush to the dentist but you should be sure to continue with your 6 month checkups and cleaning so your dentist can keep an eye on it. Essentially what is happening is the tooth is losing calcium in a process termed decalcification. Decalcification is usually caused by a combination of diet and low saliva production. It cannot be reversed; however it can be managed through hydration and re-mineralization by certain dental products to get that smile bight and healthy.

Whitening Dental work:

Granted this is not a type of stain it seems fitting for the discussion since a frequently asked question is “will teeth whitening whiten veneers, caps, crowns, etc.?” The surface of dental restorations are smooth like glass and do not have pores in it like the tooth. Because the surface and smooth and without pores staining substances cannot latch on and stain the dental restoration which means your restoration does not have stains to remove. If you did not have your teeth whitened prior to having the restoration installed it is likely the natural color of your teeth differ from the natural color of your dental restoration. So with clip on veneers, you do not see the difference, as the color is a natural flow on the entire set.

Stains caused by Tetracycline:

Tetracyclines are a group of varying antibiotics used to treat common bacterial infections. If tetracycline is taken by the mother during pregnancy from the second trimester onward or if the child takes tetracycline from birth through age 12 it can cause tooth staining. The severity of stain varies based on the age of the individual and the period of time they were exposed to tetracycline. Research is not conclusive as to whether or not teeth whitening can remove tetracycline stains. 

This is where clip-on veneers can come to the rescue.

Tobacco stains:

Tooth staining is just one of the countless side effects caused by tobacco use. The staining is caused by both the nicotine and tar. Nicotine is colorless however when mixed with oxygen it turns yellow which of course latches on to and within the tooth after repeated use. Even if the nicotine and tar do not latch on to the tooth your entire mouth is lined with it. Saliva flow keeps it in constant contact with the tooth making it impossible to avoid tobacco induced stains on the tooth. Fortunately with repeated use of teeth whitening tobacco stains can be removed and managed. But this can be an expensive affair considering the number of Dentist’s office visits, you will need to make. In this case, clip-on veneers should work as they are removable and easy to clean. That being said, over all dental hygiene is to be maintained thoroughly.

Dental Fluorosis:

Yes, fluoride is said to promote tooth health, too much of it can create less than attractive and very stubborn stains on the tooth. Roughly 22% of the population has dental fluorosis to some degree; however for most people the fluoride stains are very mild because our water supply is laced with fluoride with the concentration ratio is on the rise so are the number of reported cases of those suffering from dental fluorosis. These stubborn spots have nowhere to go unless treated by porcelain veneers, which is a considerably heavy dent in your wallet! Clip-on veneers, by Alpha Veneers again come to the rescue here.So, whatever be your reason for a shade other than pearly white – Clip on Veneers by Alpha Veneers is a solution worth considering, as your smile is definitely worth it!


Why Does Everyone Suddenly Want A Fancy set of Pearly Whites?

For years, using veneers to perfect already-good teeth was mostly confined to the professionally attractive and fabulously wealthy. They started to gain wide favor among traditional celebrities in the late 1990s and might have stayed confined to those rarefied circles were it not for Social Media. The platform’s group of mostly young females, mostly preternaturally attractive power users, often referred to as “influencers,” are under immense pressure to meet the same beauty standards as their traditionally famous—and often far wealthier—Hollywood counterparts. Now Dentists hear the desire to look better in selfies all the time, from people with all kinds of jobs. Every cosmetic procedure has just gone crazy in popularity since social media has become a thing!

These Social media-holics have a different, more intimate relationship with their fans than the celebrities of the past, which has helped Social media collapse any remaining gap between the things actors and models do to their bodies and what young consumers will aspire to do and spend money on for themselves. As a result, influencers have begun to normalize a whole host of cosmetic enhancements, including veneers.

Dental veneers date back as far as 1928, when Dentists were asked by Hollywood studio execs to perfect the look of an actor’s teeth. That version of the procedure was temporary, and actors could pop off their perfect smiles at the end of the day. Now traditional cosmetic veneers are more permanent. Thin porcelain covers are glued to the fronts of teeth that have been scraped down to accommodate the addition, and they last at least 10 years on an average. 

We have come up with the same kind of clip on veneers used by Hollywood in the late 20’s & 30’s to perfect your looks to make that selfie look absolutely fabulous! Only this one is sturdier and a treasure to keep! You can choose between the occasional wear and regular (every day) wear

Many businesses have relied on video teleconferencing for years, especially those who communicate with long-distance clients and colleagues. Also, anyone who’s managing remote teams or has a remote work policy in place most likely has experience with video conferencing.With the arrival of the pandemic, almost all businesses have turned to this form of online communication. If you feel like you’ve been stumbling along on video calls, completely embarrassed because of your stained/chipped/crooked teeth and you are conscious of your smile & you need a quick fix which is within budget and you do not have to visit the Dentists’ office – Clip on veneers are definitely for you! 

Teeth naturally dull from wear and tear and certain medical issues, and some habits like smoking, drinking, and eating certain foods can speed the process. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with dingy and discolored teeth, so the rage was Teeth Whitening. There are thousands of products to choose from which are available over-the-counter! And in most cases effective Teeth whitening was done in a Dentist’s office. But, Teeth Whitening is not for everyone. Some have discolored or stained teeth due to genetic disorders, medicines or the kinds of foods they eat. There are a lot of factors related to teeth whitening. Some people have healthier tooth enamel, or stains that are easier to break through, so their teeth get whiter faster. Others may have built-up stains that might not be able to withstand the treatment. Many experience teeth sensitivity, irritated gums & blistering. Here is where clip on veneers are to the rescue, as you do not experience any physical side-effects! Just clip on your smile and you are done!


Why Should I Invest in Clip-On Veneers?

If you have been looking into investing in Clip-On Veneers, you may have asked yourself, are they worth it? Truthfully this entirely depends on your desire to change your smile. Clip-On Veneers serve as an inexpensive way to alter the appearance of your teeth. They are significantly less expensive than various other dental procedures, which would include long-spun methods such as Porcelain Veneers. According to Dr. Charlyn Quiec, a preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentist, “press-on veneers, sometimes called snap-on/clip-on veneers are a cost-effective way of achieving the look of dental veneers without having the work done.” Moreover, if you were to compare Clip-On Veneers with Porcelain Veneers, Clip-On Veneers undoubtedly appear to be the safer and more affordable option. 

In addition, Clip-On Veneers are seen to be the safer option because of them being noninvasive. A noninvasive procedure that does not involve any kinds of drilling or shots, the methods also does not change your tooth’s natural structure and alignment, making it a safer procedure. Along with Clip-On Veneers being a safer option compared to Porcelain Veneers, they are also certainly the more affordable option as well. Porcelain Veneers can cost anywhere from £710 to £2,100, while Clip-On Veneers cost anywhere from £299-£599. According to Dr. Malcmacher, he stated how Clip-On Veneers affected one of his patients by giving “her a functioning, aesthetic smile while she saves her money.” 

Furthermore, if you are still uncertain about whether you should invest in Clip-On Veneers, you need to consider that along with them being extremely affordable and safe, the process is also significantly easy. The process is not stressful, painful, or time-consuming in any way. There are no tedious dentist trips required; therefore, the impression can be made whenever you are ready. The Clip-On Veneers are also personalized to please your desires and help with your confidence. They are also entirely customizable to the shade of Veneer you want. You can go as natural as you want or as white and bright & get that movie-star flash, as you wish. That being said, we genuinely find it extremely convenient and practical to have veneers that are removable such as Clip-On Veneers. Since they are non-permanent, it helps many people feel more comfortable and confident in their decision to invest in clip-on veneers, because it aids in the realization of how Clip-On Veneers are removable as needed or desired. Additionally, if you are still conflicted on whether or not you want to purchase Clip-On Veneers, think about how much more confident will you be if you can achieve a smile that lets you socialize and pose for pictures. If you really think it’s worth it and agree that a smile speaks a positive language, Clip-On Veneers are the right choice for you. Clip-On Veneers are an exceptional choice for people who have gaps, crooked, stained, missing teeth, or want to achieve their dream smile without the discomfort or the significantly great expense of complex and invasive dental procedures.


Pros & Cons of Clip-On Veneers

What are the different types of Veneers?

There are mainly three different types of veneers available, Porcelain veneers, Composite veneers and Clip on Veneers, but out of these three Porcelain and Clip on veneers are the most popular choice.

In a porcelain veneer,porcelain infused material is placed directly over your existing teeth in order to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile and appearance of your teeth. This is a long, expensive and tedious process that requires multiple dentist visits but it is more of a permanent solution if you maintain good oral hygiene. On the other hand, clip on veneers are made of a much more cost effective material like a resin polymer which not only makes it a much more affordable option but it also makes it a lot easier to wear. In case of clip on veneers you simply have to snap/clip them onto your existing teeth and you get a nice attractive smile without any dentist visits or painful procedures in just a matter of seconds.

Advantages of Clip on Veneers

Affordable: As compared to other dental cosmetic procedures available clip on veneers are considered to be the most effective and budget friendly option, you have the option to go for a single arch option or both arches and a lot of companies, like Alpha Veneers also provide easy payment plans to there customers.

Realistic: Although on a close inspection anyone can easily deduce that clip on veneers are not real teeth but in normal circumstances they just look like any normal teeth and present themselves as the best option in there budget category.

Painless: Clip on veneers just snap onto your existing teeth with a gentle push of your fingers/thumbs making it a completely hassle free process to put them on and take them off whenever you want. It does not require any numbing or painful injections thus making them the ideal choice to get the best possible results without any pain.

Non-Invasive: In case porcelain veneers a thin layer of enamel is required to be removed from your existing teeth, this compromises the original condition of your teeth and can also effect oral hygiene whereas, clip on veneers just slide on to your existing teeth and require no extra steps or invasive procedures.

Disadvantages of Clip on Veneers

Shorter Lifespan: The lower cost of clip on veneers does come with a caveat, there lifespan is not much as compared to porcelain veneers, you do have to take very good care of them to increase their lifespan as much as you can but you would still require a replacement within 3-5 years.

No Visible gaps between teeth: As clip on veneers are made from a single block of resin there are no visible gaps between the teeth as there are in your natural teeth, on a closer inspection it will be easier to deduce that you are wearing prosthetics.

Unnatural Results: While ordering clip on veneers you are required to select a shade of your choice you want on the clip on veneers, if you select a shade that is too extreme it can result in unnatural appearance that can be displeasing to the other person.


Affordable Options to Repair and replace missing teeth

Teeth are a very fascinating part of human anatomy, they have one of the most complex and hardened structures in the human body and are expected to last as long as you live, but considering the environmental factors they have to withstand with all the food, chewing and sometimes grinding it is understandable that you can lose a few teeth or succumb to some color fading over the course of time, even when you maintain proper oral hygiene.

What to do when few of your teeth go missing? Especially the ones at the front no one wants to look like that and if you don’t fix it you will feel self-conscious and you will lose your confidence. Now most of the dental procedures are not very budget friendly or are so painful that most of the people try to avoid them such as Dental implants, Fixed Bridges or Removable Full or Partial Dentures.

Most of the procedures mentioned above might be affordable to some people but they are all very long and painful ways of treatments and people are always trying to find other ways to fix the appearance of their teeth.

That is where Clip on veneers come in and they are actually gaining a lot of popularity among people. They are easy to order, you can do that from the comfort of your home without visiting any dentist office, it does not require you to go through any painful or long procedures and are fairly very budget friendly as compared to all other treatments out there. You can cover up to 4 missing teeth in a single row with clip on veneers and because they cover the whole arch you will be able to whiten and improve the appearance for all of your teeth, you just have to clip them on to your existing teeth and you will have a perfect beautiful smile with the clip on veneers.


Dentists’ Opinion about Clip on Veneers

You might have experienced it personally too, you go to a place to buy a product or get any service and if they are not offering what you require they will try to convince you that what you require is not a good option and you should go for something that they are offering.

Clip on Veneers are all the hype right now, celebrities are using it, influencers are using it and it has been making its way down to regular people at quite a fast pace, but what do dentists say about it are they for clip on veneers or against them. Well, if you go online to try to learn about clip on veneers you will notice a silent war going on for and against clip on veneers and from the looks of it dentists are not so excited about them.

Dentists rely on dental visits, they cannot treat you if you do not visit there clinic. People on the other hand, like everything to be done from the comfort of their home. Now this dilemma has given birth to a whole new industry which is offering people a sort quick fix to their dental issues in the form of clip on veneers right at their doorstep. 

Most of the people are just worried about the appearance of their teeth and clip on veneers offer just that. You will be sent a kit to take the impression of your teeth which can be done in a matter of 5 minutes (They do send you a very easy to follow instructions guide to take your impressions too), you mail them back the impressions of your teeth and they usually provide you a return label to do that and within 2-3 weeks you get your clip on veneers, you put them on your teeth and you get a perfect shining smile. This is as easy as it can get.

Now obviously dentists are not so thrilled about it, the whole process has effectively eliminated the need for regular visits to a dentist which is a very convenient and budget friendly option for people. But, instead of landing punches on each other if both parties work with each other it can prove to be very beneficial for everyone which should be the ultimate goal. Dentist should advice clip on veneers to their patients where a long painful and complicated procedure can be avoided and companies selling clip on veneers should not try to demean the hard work that dentists do on daily basis and maybe we can reach to a consensus with a beneficial result for everyone.


How Can Veneers Boost Our Confidence?

Almost everyone is self-conscious about their appearance and when you are out and about interacting with people it is your teeth that are highlighted the most and once it is noticed by people it can be awkward for you and them both. Now there are several ways in cosmetic dentistry that you can improve the appearance of your teeth but they are either very expensive long procedures or very painful and in some cases both. That’s where Veneers come in, but before we go into how they help you boost your confidence we have to understand what they are?.

What are Veneers?

A Veneer is a thin Porcelain or Composite layer which is placed over your teeth to improve the overall aesthetics of your teeth and in some case also prevent your teeth surface from getting damaged.

There are few different types of Veneers namely Porcelain and Composite, but both are very expensive and require a long painful process to be successfully applied to your existing teeth. To counter both these issues a new type of Veneer has been recently introduced usually referred to as Clip on veneers. What that basically does is that it easily slides/clips on to your existing teeth, totally eliminating the need for a painful and long bonding process of a regular veneer.

Who can Use Veneers?

Anyone who is looking to enhance or improve the appearance of their teeth can use veneers. For example if you have Discolored teeth, Missing teeth, Crooked teeth, Broken/chipped teeth or you have a gap in your teeth you can use clip on veneers to hide away anything that makes your teeth look bad.

Who Cannot Use Veneers?

There are certain circumstances when we would not recommend going for a veneer such as, if you have more than 4 teeth missing in a row, if you have loose teeth, if you don’t have back molars, if you are already using dental bridges or teeth caps or if you have Malocclusions.

How can Veneers boost our Confidence?

It is said that smiling is good for your health, but what if every time you smile you have to worry about how your teeth look. If you are not confident about how you look you can never truly fully enjoy the best moments in your life and if you have an affordable solution like clip on veneers at your disposal you should not be held back from a simple thing like a smile. Clip on Veneers helps you get cleaner and proportional appearance for your teeth on a budget for regular use or for your special occasions which will surely result in a confidence boost.