Why Does Everyone Suddenly Want A Fancy set of Pearly Whites?

For years, using veneers to perfect already-good teeth was mostly confined to the professionally attractive and fabulously wealthy. They started to gain wide favor among traditional celebrities in the late 1990s and might have stayed confined to those rarefied circles were it not for Social Media. The platform’s group of mostly young females, mostly preternaturally attractive power users, often referred to as “influencers,” are under immense pressure to meet the same beauty standards as their traditionally famous—and often far wealthier—Hollywood counterparts. Now Dentists hear the desire to look better in selfies all the time, from people with all kinds of jobs. Every cosmetic procedure has just gone crazy in popularity since social media has become a thing!

These Social media-holics have a different, more intimate relationship with their fans than the celebrities of the past, which has helped Social media collapse any remaining gap between the things actors and models do to their bodies and what young consumers will aspire to do and spend money on for themselves. As a result, influencers have begun to normalize a whole host of cosmetic enhancements, including veneers.

Dental veneers date back as far as 1928, when Dentists were asked by Hollywood studio execs to perfect the look of an actor’s teeth. That version of the procedure was temporary, and actors could pop off their perfect smiles at the end of the day. Now traditional cosmetic veneers are more permanent. Thin porcelain covers are glued to the fronts of teeth that have been scraped down to accommodate the addition, and they last at least 10 years on an average. 

We have come up with the same kind of clip on veneers used by Hollywood in the late 20’s & 30’s to perfect your looks to make that selfie look absolutely fabulous! Only this one is sturdier and a treasure to keep! You can choose between the occasional wear and regular (every day) wear

Many businesses have relied on video teleconferencing for years, especially those who communicate with long-distance clients and colleagues. Also, anyone who’s managing remote teams or has a remote work policy in place most likely has experience with video conferencing.With the arrival of the pandemic, almost all businesses have turned to this form of online communication. If you feel like you’ve been stumbling along on video calls, completely embarrassed because of your stained/chipped/crooked teeth and you are conscious of your smile & you need a quick fix which is within budget and you do not have to visit the Dentists’ office – Clip on veneers are definitely for you! 

Teeth naturally dull from wear and tear and certain medical issues, and some habits like smoking, drinking, and eating certain foods can speed the process. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with dingy and discolored teeth, so the rage was Teeth Whitening. There are thousands of products to choose from which are available over-the-counter! And in most cases effective Teeth whitening was done in a Dentist’s office. But, Teeth Whitening is not for everyone. Some have discolored or stained teeth due to genetic disorders, medicines or the kinds of foods they eat. There are a lot of factors related to teeth whitening. Some people have healthier tooth enamel, or stains that are easier to break through, so their teeth get whiter faster. Others may have built-up stains that might not be able to withstand the treatment. Many experience teeth sensitivity, irritated gums & blistering. Here is where clip on veneers are to the rescue, as you do not experience any physical side-effects! Just clip on your smile and you are done!

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